Your Initial Dental Appointment

Our dentist’s goal is to ensure your good oral hygiene and a beautiful smile. For those going to our dentist for the first time, following the tips below will provide a successful first visit.

Smile Reminders

Smile reminders are sent to you either via email or text message. The purpose of sending smile reminders is to notify you of your upcoming appointment and to confirm it as well. To set up your preferences

Smile Reminder Authorization


please fill out the form in the following link:



To schedule an appointment, call or come to our office at Apalachee Family Dental in Dacula Georgia



Once your appointment is scheduled, you may fill out your forms using the following link: New Patient Form. It’s highly recommended to fill them out prior to the appointment. However, if you can't access these forms online, you can arrive early to your appointment and fill these forms out in person.


Your Health History

Before the dental exam is performed, talk to our dentist about your health history. This will give our dentist insight on your oral health and underlying causes of any present issues if any.


Dental Exam

On the first visit, our dentist will perform a comprehensive dental exam. During this comprehensive exam, our dentist will check your mouth and teeth for any chronic or potential issues. Our dentist will check for any periodontal diseases, tooth decay, gingivitis, etc. X-rays may be conducted as well. Following the comprehensive exam, our dentist will formulate a custom-made treatment plan for you.



During your dental cleaning, our dentist will remove accumulated plaque from your teeth. After a thorough cleaning has been done, our dentist will polish your teeth.



X-rays are done so our dentist can examine your teeth, jawbone, and overall bone health.


Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing before the appointment will help our dentist properly examine your teeth with efficiency and ease.


Full Disclosure

It’s important that our new patients understand there is nothing about your oral health you should hide from our dentist. Our dentist can improve oral health, and hiding important information (such as smoking or not brushing teeth regularly) can have an impact on the treatment and services that our dentist recommends. It’s crucial that your complete and accurate medical and dental history is disclosed on your first visit.

Disease Prevention/Recommendations

After your treatment is over, our dentist may recommend products to ensure that your oral health is always at its best.